Do we need policies for taking time off? Yes absolutely!

I know, policies are notoriously dull, but they're more important than most of us would care to admit. Time off policies are the rules and guidance that let your employees know what they get, and how it works. It's well worth investing time into these policies, you'll get fewer questions, and a happier team.

As you can imagine we spent a good chunk of time on creating a policy that worked for our team here at Timetastic, have a read, see what you think, copy and paste it into your own policy if you like.

Our time off policy at Timetastic. How it works, and what we learned along the way
What a great absence policy looks like

Free downloadable time off policy templates

We also have some free downloadable time off policy templates covering annual leave and sickness. There are a little more generic and easily adaptable to your own business.

Annual Leave Policy Template
Absence Policy Template

Holiday allowance

There are two things that always come up when anyone looks at a new job, "how much does it pay?" and "how many days holiday do I get"? Yet all too often we use a company wide holiday allowance, we don't think too hard about matching the person to the allowance.

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Unlimited holiday allowance

Unlimited allowance hit the headlines when Netflix coined the phrase. Tread cautiously though, it's not really 'unlimited', and it might lead to some overworked and burnt-out team members.

What is unlimited holiday allowance?
How does unlimited PTO really play out?
The challenge of unlimited holiday allowance

Sick leave

Of course no one wants to get sick, and no one wants people off work sick. But it happens and it's best to have a policy in place for when it does, so that everyone knows where they stand.

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What sick pay entitlement do part-time workers get?
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How To Manage Annual Leave And Sick Leave Overlap

Some of the more interesting time off policies

We're seeing more companies getting innovative with their time off policies. They're trying to attract the best workers with polices that help strike a healthy work life balance. Maybe your company can do something unique that people really value

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