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The state of annual leave 2022/2023

We produced our first report into the state of annual leave, it's something we plan to update each year with the latest trends and annual leave statistics.

It's compiled from multiple data sources and by surveying the opionions of real people, so we can correlate statistics with strength of feeling and monitor how it changes over time.

It's a comprehensive report, lots of data points and charts. It also covers maternity and paternity leave, adoption, bereavement and compassionate leave.

Grab a brew and enjoy reading...

Annual leave statistics - 2022/2023

News from Timetastic HQ

We don't fire out press releases every time a new client chooses Timetastic or we land a five star review. But there are some things that are nice to share from time to time.

We're a certified B Corp! 🎉
We've joined the 100 Trees Club
Ethics at Timetastic: 1% for the Planet

Insights into the world of time off

We do periodic reports and try to find interesting statistics and trends on time off work. You might find this helpful in working out your own time off policies.

Holiday entitlements: a worldwide comparison
Maternity leave around the world: a comparison
Paternity leave around the world: a comparison
Which industries get the most (and least) time off?

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